The History Behind Gram Russo's

Kevin B. Simmons (Owner) began negotiations for the purchase of the Presque Isle Inn & Convention Center (formerly Keddy's Motor Inn) in the early part of 1999. After finalizing the purchase in July 2000, Simmons's first project was the renovation of the main dining room. Simmons knew that he wanted something previously unavailable in Aroostook County. "We need a truly authentic Italian Restaurant" He wanted a look of the true Italy with ornate wall coverings, decorations, and a real Italian water fountain. The food was to have a distinctive Italian flavor, with authentic dishes based on those made by his late grandmother Marjorie Russo. Mrs. Russo had always loved visiting The County and had been excited about the potential purchase of the Presque Isle property. Marjorie Russo passed away in Caribou, Maine on August 2, 1999, at the age of 87. Though Marjorie Russo was not of Italian descent, she adopted the culture and cuisine of her loving husband Benjamin Carmen Russo, making it distinctly her own. Marjorie Russo was taught the Italian way from her husband, his family and extended family from Everett, Massachusetts. We are honored to bring this family tradition to Presque Isle, Maine and Aroostook County.